Organisational Agility Blog 6: Next steps you can take

In this blog series we have introduced Organisational Agility and discussed its five core elements:

  • Planning
  • Market & Customers
  • Delivery
  • Data & Technology
  • People

Its easy to say that this is all very well and makes perfect sense, but what should organisations do with this? How can they apply this, how will it help them and where do they start?

It is important to approach organisational agility with an open yet realistic mindset. Does a leadership team have the time and energy to devote to addressing all five elements, or should they be taken in turn, starting with the priority area for any given company or situation? Perhaps only one area requires attention now – or maybe any combination of up to five elements.

All of this depends on where an organisation is on its journey or roadmap. It depends on the sectors and markets they operate in, what they do and how they do it.

In order to get the most out of organisational agility however, what is definitely required is a very open mindset and willingness to change. This will need to be led from the very top, transcending across the whole business. Getting this right transforms businesses and helps them to grow and thrive.

Across our teams at AAB Consulting and AAB, we have the skills to help you implement organisational agility. Through getting to know you, your business and your people, we’ll work together to implement agility across the most vital areas of your business.

If you would like to find out more about organisational agility or our work in this space, please contact Mark Bell, Glenn Hogg or Alasdair Green.

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