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In this episode, Sian chats to Ed Vickers a digital marketing professional who has had a dynamic design career that spans both the client and agency sides of the industry. 

After significant experience leading creative and media teams for large organisations, Ed co-founded LOOP Agencies, where they believe delivering great work is a two-way thing, building in house agencies with out-sourced creative campaigns.

During lockdown, Ed started a YouTube channel, The FarmSimGuy, and is now Scotland's leading YouTube content creator in the Farming Simulator niche. He transformed his lockdown hobby into a thriving digital presence. With over 76,000 subscribers and up to 500,000 monthly viewers, Ed's channel not only showcases his passion for gaming but also reflects his innovative approach to digital content creation.

In this episode, we hear about Ed’s “bookmark moment” which was fairly recently, his career as a creative and what he has learned. One of the most important lessons is how “not” to do things, he has had many experiences of toxic workplace culture and candidly shares them with us, I’m sure plenty of other organisations can learn a thing or two.

Ed's story is a great illustration of the power of blending passions with professional expertise and the importance of adapting to the ever-evolving digital landscape. To hear more about Ed's journey and the insights he has gained from his diverse career – give this episode a listen.

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