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Geoff Leask

In this episode, Sian chats with Geoff Leask, the Founding Director of Clayhills Consultancy, who specialises in delivering business success through planning, innovation, and ambition.  

Geoff's done it all over the years – from sailing with the Merchant Navy to running pubs with his brother and spearheading the success of Young Enterprise Scotland as their CEO.

He shares his experiences, including the challenging moments that shaped him, like navigating the complex merger of the Prince's Scottish Youth Business Trust with the Prince’s Trust and how that period in his life affected his mental health.

Geoff’s story is full of valuable insights, lessons on the importance of adapting and he shares his favourite saying, “You can do it yourself”. A mantra which has been apparent in one way or another with everything he has done. To hear more - check out this episode.

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