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Josiah Lockhart

In this episode, Sian chats with Josiah Lockhart, Chief Executive of Changeworks, Scotland’s leading environmental charity delivering energy efficiency and low carbon solutions. 

Josiah is leading on the delivery of Changeworks’ strategy for 2022-2025, as the organisation refocuses its work towards one goal: decarbonising Scotland’s homes. 

In this conversation, we chat about Josiah’s ‘bookmark moment’ where his early career aspirations in the entertainment industry took an unexpected turn leading him down a path of self-discovery and social entrepreneurship.

He shares candid insights into a hugely pivotal moment where he experienced a life-altering bicycle accident and how that recovery shaped a new perspective on life, career and the urgency of societal issues.

Josiah’s experience advising and leading social enterprises and working with social entrepreneurs is second to none, to hear the lessons Josiah has learned the hard way and the advice he would give to a new social enterprise wanting to make an impact – check out this episode.

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