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Opportunity North East and partners developed plans for a Global Underwater Hub that would bring together blue economy businesses across the UK to develop and capitalise on the UK’s world-class underwater capabilities. The scale of success however, was dependant on support from the Scottish and UK Governments - both requiring a business case to inform their funding decision.


We worked with Opportunity North East and their partners to develop a detailed business case using the UK Government’s Five Case Business Model.


  • Comprehensive Business Case - We developed a compelling case, highlighting the potential of the Global Underwater Hub, making it a convincing tool to secure support from the Scottish and UK Governments.
  • Stakeholder Confidence - By engaging with a wide range of stakeholders, we tapped into their knowledge, insights and priorities, gained their support, and fostered a sense of ownership.
  • Surprise-Free ‘Final Hearing’ - Through proactive engagement, we socialised the business case to the point where the ‘final hearing’ was surprise free.

“Opportunity North East and partners were very grateful for AAB’s support developing the Global Underwater Hub business case proposal covering the UK and Scottish Government funding applications. This important project will support the UK underwater industry’s expansion into the global blue economy markets and its contribution towards the UK’s energy transition ambitions and Net Zero targets. The business case has received full support from the UK and Scottish Governments with feedback indicating the document strongly represented the proposal. The AAB team were fantastic to work with and delivered valuable business insight; huge thanks and congratulations to them and everyone working on the GUH business case.” - David Wilson, Director of Energy, Opportunity North East

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