What is Aspire?

At Anderson Anderson and Brown Consulting, we are always looking for ways to pay it forward and give something back. During one of our team sessions in the middle of lockdown we were exploring the challenges facing Higher Education institutions. We realised that we were missing a very important perspective - the one from the next generation who are ‘in’ or are about to embark on their HE journey. We then realised that across our team we had family members that could fill the gap in our knowledge. This coincided with them being at a loose end over the last few months so we invited four of them to work with us as interns to research, share their insights and challenge our thinking on various aspects of higher education. We were delighted when they all said they would help.

Elizabeth, Georgia, Lucy and Robbie are all at different stages in their life but are connected via higher education; as soon-to-be students, current students, and a soon-to-be graduate. They created the Aspire Team and impressed us immensely by really pulling together and working as a team, using their diverse backgrounds and personal experiences to conduct research and present evidence, adding that missing perspective we were looking for and helping us to see the world from a different angle, whilst gaining valuable work experience.

You may already have seen some of the blogs that we have published but we wanted to ensure we gave a big shout-out to the team for all their hard work (and embarrass them a little in the process!) so here are the faces behind the names. Please read on and meet our Aspire team.

Meet the Team

Elizabeth Allan


  • Due to start her degree in Politics and International Relations at Strathclyde University in September.
  • Has a keen interest in how much politics affects our everyday lives, how it’s embedded in everything we do.
  • The opportunity to work with AAB and collaborate with the other Aspire members has enabled her to broaden both her technical and teamwork skills and has offered insight into in a new environment where something great can be produced, all whilst developing essential professional skills.
  • Loves music and will often be at gigs and festivals listening to her favourite bands.

Georgia Bell


  • Full time, qualified administrator in the motor industry for around 5 years.
  • Uses her analytical problem solving skills daily along with her ability to organise and prioritise given tasks.
  • Focused on results and always eager to improve. Her aim in life is to help people - help them realise their potential and assist them in their journey of getting there.
  • Looking forward to realising her own potential through higher education in the near future using her very positive outlook on life.

Lucy Fordyce


  • Going into 3rd year of her Classics degree at the University of St Andrews.
  • Wants everyone to receive the support they need to pursue their goals.
  • Writer, researcher, Aspire’s resident PowerPoint Person.
  • Self-appointed Queen of the Nerds.

Robbie McLean


  • Business Management student going into his final year at the University of Aberdeen.
  • Interested in marketing, business analysis, and consultancy.
  • Looking forward to developing his skills learnt at university in the workplace.
  • A keen rugby player who also enjoys travelling, hiking, and playing golf.

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