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Don Smith

In this episode, Sian sits down with Don Smith, Applied Innovation Consultant, and Inventor. Don is the driving force behind 'One Hundred Flowers', a consultancy revolutionising how organisations harness invention and innovation. Don's mission? To transform these businesses into disruptors, rather than the disrupted. 

In this conversation, we chat about Don's 'bookmark moment.' He shares his first work placement experience, which, against all odds and with a little help from his resourceful Geordie mother, turned into a defining chapter in his life. We'll also explore the audacious pitch that won the Irn Bru MD over and explore the invaluable lessons Don has gathered throughout his illustrious career in creativity. 

This episode isn't just a marketing masterclass; it's interspersed with philosophical gems and life insights. For someone who claims not to be driven by money, Don's journey is a vivid illustration of his extraordinary dedication and hard work. So, let's dive in and uncover the secrets behind his remarkable success!

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