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At AAB Consulting, we believe that management consultants are not carbon copies of an industry template and that there is significant value in the different skills people bring to a business. After all, as much as employment is a practicality, it’s also an opportunity for professional growth. Anyone who claims to be perfect at every single part of their job is probably not right for us, as we believe we all have much to learn, no matter how skilled or senior.

The requirements which we have identified as essential to perform well in a particular role are clearly mentioned in the relevant job description. Nevertheless, if there are one or two skills you feel less confident in but think that you could learn or improve at with the appropriate guidance and support, or that you could substitute with other relevant skills, please do not be discouraged from applying. We especially encourage people who identify as minority ethnic and/or women to apply for positions, as studies have shown that members of these communities are less likely to apply for positions unless they meet 100% of the requirements.

We have a strong team-first focus at AAB Consulting, and this means supporting each other as much as it does working together to fulfil our clients’ expectations. As long as you have a strong desire to produce the very best results you can, the team will support you to get there, whether that means giving you an introduction to Miro or helping you find your niche as a presenter.

If you would benefit from any particular interview accommodations (e.g, you are disabled, neurodivergent, and/or have a long-term or short-term injury), please fill out the form below. We are committed to being a disability-positive employer, playing to your strengths whilst providing as much support as we feasibly can. As a relatively young, growing business, we may not have the extensive resources of a corporate giant, but respecting individuality has been one of our core values from day one. Our website greets you with the phrase “we specialise in change”, and our team members recognise that effective change is fuelled by the kind of innovative solutions which arise from diverse experiences and mindsets.

Therefore, we encourage you to select all the accommodations you need, to mention any we’ve missed, and – if you feel comfortable doing so – to share why you need them. We can’t help you with what we don’t know about, and you don’t need to worry that disclosing additional support needs will negatively affect your application. You obviously believe that you’re more than capable of doing this job because you’re applying in the first place, and that's enough of a starting point for us.

So, if you’re looking to disrupt the status quo with a healthy dose of agility, compassion, and pragmatism, come and say hello. You might be just the right person to help AAB Consulting deliver change with all the impact and none of the drama (but maybe a few llamas).

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