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We are currently on the lookout for Consultant Analysts and Consultants, and you can view the details of each role here - Consultant Analyst and Consultant.

People are at the core of AAB Consulting. We believe in a diverse and dynamic culture which is made up of people who challenge, support and inspire each other to be extraordinary. Based on our focus on the human factor, our people – strategists, technologists, digital experts, consultants and designers, apply real world experience to design solutions to complex and challenging situations.

When you join our team, we ask for your creativity, your specialist expertise and your commitment. In return we’ll give you unique, flexible and stimulating work that has real impact. We will invest in you by giving you the opportunity to learn and develop your skills and capabilities far beyond what you have though you could ever achieve. You will be working with brilliant people who never let one another fail.

Do you like what you have read and can picture yourself working at a place full of inspiration, support and dedication? Then get in touch with us and let’s redesign the future together. We are always seeking for new ambitious change-makers – and we’re particularly interested in hearing from agilists, digital experts and service designers.

Share your CV with Audrey, with a note to say how you and your skills would be a perfect fit for our team.

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