Our Values.

As a young organisation, AAB Consulting have all of the core values that you would expect from a team that deliver transformational change without the drama – honesty integrity, commitment, reliability trust, etc. That goes without saying.

But what makes us different and what drives our team? On top of the standard core values that we are committed to, the team are huge advocates and believers in paying it forward, respect, reciprocity, quality and having a creative and ‘fixer’ mindset, and we would like to explain some of these in more detail:

Not letting each other down. We have a strong team first focus where we:

  • support each other to be better​
  • work for the greater good​
  • validate as much as we challenge each other
  • recognise that we are individuals with different interests, styles and motivations but we share a common bond​
  • have individual technical skills and experience which we share generously​
  • don’t shy away from having a view and expressing it.

Delivering quality work Speaks for itself really. Our goal is to leave our clients happy and we are proud of the work that we do for our clients.

Provide solutions. We help our clients by:

  • providing creative solutions to problems
  • allowing them to grow in capability and confidence​, both personally and organisationally​
  • helping them to be sustainable
  • focussing on our clients’ needs
  • having a ‘fixer mindset’.

Believe in People. And not just our own people, as our responsibilities don’t end at the boundary of our business. We have a duty to…​

  • support the next generation​
  • act responsibly and sustainably​
  • work collaboratively with partners.

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