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Business Change

Delivering change without the drama. Living in a world of continual disruption, we need to respond pragmatically. With compassion and agility. And, without a heroic, high-risk, ‘big bang’ approach.

We specialise in
Service Design

Building services around the humans that use them

Design better services

“Living in a world of continual disruption, we need to respond pragmatically and with compassion and agility.” We wrote these words when we started AAB Consulting four years ago and they have never been more relevant for us. We work with amazing clients who are encouraging us to help them with their changing environments. Accelerating new ways of working and introducing new tools and digital solutions. Building capabilities to enable client teams to work more productively in a hybrid environment. Creating communities to share good practice and support the wellbeing of teams. Speak to us about how we can support you.

We helpclients with big ambitions and even bigger challenges.

We work with a huge variety of clients across the UK in a multitude of sectors, including professional services, manufacturing, food & drink, public sector and health & social care.

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