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Everything - from the way we interact to the way we watch TV - has changed. Organisations need agility to avoid being caught in the chasm between the pre and post digital age.

An agile organisation is one that puts humans first, is responsive to change, gets value from resources and creates  capability to deliver transformation and improvement. As a team, we agree that there are 5 areas of focus:

Set an actionable strategy that you can translate into delivery. 

Build a case for change that is recognisable to the organisation, and has the support and commitment of the senior team. Create a vision that goes beyond the turbulence and takes inspiration from the amazing things that are happening around us.

Welcome the new, and (when you can) retire the old. 

Get a fix on what your customers want and need from your products and services. Establish Service Design as a way of embracing disruption in a controlled way. Plan to deliver business change that will wrap the organisation around the new, to make it easier to purposefully retire the old.

Deliver change without the drama.

Start small and fix something useful, so that you build energy, enthusiasm and awareness. Use Agile to mitigate the prospect of slow, high pressure, high risk, big-bang delivery. Build a culture that embraces feedback and continuous improvement.

'In God we trust, all others must bring data.' (W Edwards Deming)

Take a holistic view, one that uses data and insight to respond to challenge and opportunity.

Organisational Agility is a human interest story.

It has everything to do with understanding and putting your trust in customers and teams, involving the whole organisation and creating new capability. Engage with the emotional, not just the rational, journey - from strategy development to delivery and assurance.

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