The next business normal

Many businesses are struggling to cope with the present challenging economic environment, one that may last several years. Many organisations have pivoted brilliantly, rapidly repurposing their resources and capabilities. However, ensuring sustainable resilience means, in many cases, a fundamental reset within our businesses.

Building in Business Agility

We firmly believe that the answer for all businesses; whether pre-revenue, growing or surviving is to build agility into the DNA of your business. We approach this using a helpful framework, with five components; Planning, Customers, Delivery, Data and Technology, and People.

Here are 15 transformative take-outs from our framework to support the move towards our “next normal.”

15 Transformative Take-Outs


1. Shorten the planning cycle & target resources in the right direction at the right time

2. Challenge everything you thought you knew about your customers & your teams

3. Collaborate & co-create. A shared plan has more chance of success


4. Engage across multiple platforms. Listen & respond timeously

5. New buying habits are being rapidly formed right now. Understand, reflect & respond to them

6. Be authentic in all communications. purchases of any kind are underpinned by trust


7. Identify areas for improvement quickly – don’t be scared to reuse & repurpose. Keep change small, speedy and incremental

8. Chart your way through continuous chaos. Who’s in your ‘next normal’ team?

9. Deliver – succeed (& perhaps fail) – learn – deliver…*repeat many times

Data and Technology

10. Source new data about market trends, lead indicators & consumer behaviours

11. Get comfortable making decisions with only part of the picture - you need strong domain knowledge & confidence

12. Get capable. Implement visualisation, embrace new tech applications


13. Communicate, communicate, communicate – you can’t do too much

14. Recognise, validate & nurture the deep capabilities within team members

15. Support people to stretch themselves by getting creative, collaborating with them to put development on their daily to-do list

We support organisations to set up & sustain an environment where the necessary bold decisions can be made, improving resilience and turning opportunity into reality.

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