What Lies Beneath?

Your organisation wears a mask – a façade that might hide underlying issues, prejudices, and biases. At AAB Consulting, we believe in unmasking the truth to create truly inclusive and thriving workplaces. Our "What Lies Beneath" campaign delves into the depths of organisational culture, exposing hidden challenges and paving the way for positive change.

Unveiling the Shadow Culture

Organisational culture is more than just the surface level. It resides in the beliefs, behaviours, and values experienced by employees every day. However, there is often a "shadow culture" lurking beneath the surface – a set of unexpressed assumptions and behaviours that shape what truly happens within the organisation. Ignorance of this complete cultural landscape can leave employees vulnerable to discrimination and negatively impact the organisation's well-being.

Addressing the Challenge

As leaders, it's our responsibility to tackle the structural, process, and behavioural issues that give rise to poor organisational cultures. Quantitative data alone is not enough; we must understand the qualitative experiences of our team members. Unmasking reveals the organisational truths we need to address, empowering us to create environments of understanding, compassion, and inclusion.

Our Comprehensive Solutions

At AAB Consulting, we offer a range of comprehensive solutions to help organisations unmask and address their culture:

  • Culture Capture: Our diagnostic exercise that investigates known and unknown issues, root causes of problems, and leadership alignment, using anonymous questionnaires, 1-2-1 interviews, focus groups, and open communication channels.
  • Business Change: Driving successful and sustainable change within your organization, helping you adapt to evolving market dynamics and stay ahead of the competition.
  • Digital: Harnessing the power of digital technologies to transform your business processes, enhance user experiences, and improve overall efficiency.
  • Service Design: Creating seamless and user-centric service experiences, driven by your employees to increase satisfaction in the workplace environment.
  • Agile: Embracing agility to prioritise collaboration, continuous improvement, and adaptive planning, resulting in greater efficiency and innovation.

Join the Campaign – Make a Difference

Over the course of this week-long campaign, we've explored critical topics such as misogyny, racism, homophobia, anti-LGBTQIA+, and more. It's time for leaders to stand together and make a positive impact in their organisations. If you're ready to explore what lies beneath your organisation's mask, contact us to learn more about Culture Capture and how it can lead to real cultural change.

Take the First Step

Visit our blog to read our full article on "What Lies Beneath" and explore the deep insights we've uncovered. Let's start the conversation, address the challenges, and work together to build a more inclusive and equitable future for everyone.

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