You are not special, you are not a beautiful and unique snowflake

“You are not special, you are not a beautiful and unique snowflake.” Chuck Palahniuk

The term ‘Snowflake Generation’ is a label thrown around a lot to categorise millennials as self-righteous, overly sensitive, and lacking in resilience. The same generation is currently being blamed for prolonging COVID restrictions due to their feeling of invincibility and tendency to congregate in large social groups. It feels like in these few sentences we are writing off a whole generation. Maybe we need to get off their backs and, instead, harness their individuality, sense of teamwork, and passion for social and environmental good. The next generations are our future after all. They will drive the success of our economy; not just in the future, but now.

In Scotland there are nearly 10,000 Company Directors aged 25 or under in 8,400 companies, mostly SMEs. These SMEs generate £1.9Bn of revenue for the Scottish economy. Yes, £1.9Bn. The importance of these young people to the economy cannot - and should not – be understated.

If they continue to be successful over the next 10 years these same young people will have an even bigger role to play in our economy. Today there are 54,000 Company Directors aged between 26 and 35 in 47,000 companies, again mostly SMEs. These SMEs generate a whopping £25Bn for the Scottish economy.

We have a choice. We can continue the age-old right of passage of finding fault in everything younger people do. Or, we can embrace their ideas, energy, passions, and their imperfections and help them create a brilliant future.

I know from working with young entrepreneurs, particularly during COVID, that they have found ways to support each other through these very challenging times. They are more willing to get creative and adapt their business model and they are receptive and open to help; from peers and from government. They are inspiring and energising – let’s embrace those qualities.

Thanks to mnAI Data Solutions for the data.

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