Finding my feet

Saying goodbye to my student life

It’s no secret that it’s a tough world coming out of university and finding your way in the world of work. After graduating from my first degree, I spent 2 years volunteering whilst working two jobs and then returned to university for a Master’s degree. I completed my Master’s this year and I can now proudly say that I work for #Anderson Anderson & Brown Consulting as a Consultant Analyst. For the first time I am genuinely enjoying my job, although I can’t say that getting out of bed at 7 am gets any easier! The best advice I can give to any soon-to-be-grads is to never lose confidence in yourself, be persistent and stay resilient.

My first experiences as a consultant

I want to share my initial thoughts on my first six weeks working at #AAB. I will give you an insight into what it’s like starting out as a consultant, how it feels to work in a company that truly cares about their team members and to let anyone who needs to hear it know that work can be fun. Don’t settle for a job that you are not passionate about.

There was no such thing as a gentle start. I started on a project immediately after my induction – working with the team at The University of Glasgow. In this project, I have supported the development and distribution of project communications and have been busy writing blog and web content as well as developing a Communications & Engagement Hub. I’ve worked with inspiring project managers from the World Changing Glasgow Transformation Team and learned about exciting projects happening all over the University.

Alongside my project work, I’ve had training in Agile, commercial management, our consulting model and have started my development as a SCRUM master. I have attended some interesting webinars like #GeckoTalks where I learned about new ways of communicating with students and #Blakeseye where the speakers talked about interesting ways of handling data. Looking back, I have no idea how I have managed to fit all of this in to just over one month, but the variety here shows that no two days are the same.

People make (Glasgow) AAB Consulting

The most important part of my journey so far has been the people I’ve met and had the chance to work with so far. At #AAB Consulting, we’re encouraged to bring the best version of ourselves to work and to always put our team first. So, we’re a bunch of people whose personalities shine through in everything we do. That’s what I’ve found brilliantly distinctive about the team.

What does the future hold?

Although I’ve never been one for making a 10, 5 or even 1 year plan (I prefer to take each day as it comes), I do have ambition for my future with #AAB Consulting – because the opportunities which will become available to me excite me. Each day I’m finding out more about the world of consulting and the more I add to my long-term to do list. Alongside my personal ambition, I want to help #AAB Consulting continue to grow and to make sure our clients are never short of delighted with the work I do with them. I am very grateful to work for a business that supports me to achieve my own goals as much as much as the business goals.

It’s safe to say, the hard work I put in during my late teens to early twenties is finally paying off (thank you to my younger self). The blood, sweat and tears were worth it. But I’m sure there’s plenty more to come as I continue to find my feet in the world of consulting.

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