Rethinking workplaces & Reframing work

Employers have devoted a lot of time to rethink workplaces. This is absolutely vital as we want customers and team members to be (and feel) physically and emotionally safe. However, if we don’t also do reframing of work then the emergency fixes introduced in response to COVID-19 will soon fail. So what have we been doing within our own company and with our clients to reframe work?

  • Designing new services in response to changing demands.
  • Introducing new ways of working - enabling collaboration, prioritisation & remote management of workloads, providing support to managers.
  • Supporting team members with tools, techniques and information that make remote working more productive (and more sustainable).
  • Building new capabilities & confidence in areas that businesses need - Agile, Building Effective Teams and Change Management.

It is the combination of these activities that makes the difference. People have gone the extra mile during lockdown - we now need to provide sustainable solutions that support them to deliver their ‘Next Normal’.

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