Recruiting and supporting neurodivergent talent at AAB Consulting

Here at AAB Consulting, we’re constantly looking for ways to improve accessibility and inclusion for all members of our team. We believe diversity and inclusion are more than just talking the talk. It’s important to find ways to demonstrate our beliefs on a regular basis. While we’re proud of our achievements so far, we recognise that there are always opportunities to make additional progress. One current gap for our company has been around neurodiversity, so we decided to look at ways to improve our recruitment, interviewing, onboarding, and long-term support of neurodivergent staff.

We asked our summer intern Lucy Fordyce (who is starting a Master’s in Service Management and Design in September) to conduct an assessment of our recruitment practices and our office space to research and provide recommendations as to how we can make AAB Consulting (and hopefully the wider AAB Group) more welcoming and comfortable for neurodivergent applicants and team members. We’ve decided to share some of Lucy’s conclusions publicly; partly to hold ourselves to account for our actions and also because our experiences and the resources produced may be useful for other companies on a similar path.

Lucy created a report and shared her findings with our team. She also produced a guide to various types of learning styles, a guide for neurodivergent applicants, and a guide for interviewers of neurodivergent candidates. We created a video that summarises some of the findings, which you can view below. We’ll also share a blog post shortly about the creation of personas for the report and about how neurodiversity can be a benefit in service design. At AAB Consulting, we believe that management consultants are not carbon copies of an industry template and that there is significant benefit in the different skills people bring to a business. We believe we all have much to learn, no matter how skilled or senior. After all, as much as employment is a practicality, it’s also an opportunity for professional growth. We want to express our gratitude to Lucy for identifying ways that our business can become more welcoming. As a result of Lucy’s research, we decided to sign up for the UK Government’s Disability Confident employer scheme, which offers three accreditation levels and helps employers implement disability-positive practices. We look forward to onboarding more neurodivergent employees to AAB and we are confident that their valuable talents will make us stronger as a team.

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