Our second birthday

Our business is 2 years old this month. You would think writing about a birthday would be easy. It isn't - this was one of the toughest articles I tried to write. So, I have to say a massive thanks to Audrey Stewart who saved me from my writer's block. Before COVID-19, the second birthday of Anderson Anderson & Brown Consulting Limited would have been an opportunity to celebrate with colleagues, clients and friends, photos and articles in the press – a big deal in other words (and rightly so). However, this just isn’t the right time to tell that story. We can see that some of those same colleagues, clients and friends we would have celebrated with are struggling; balancing work and home pressures (even more than usual), worried about health & money, caring for elderly or at risk relatives and looking after their own emotional well-being. That is why this article was so hard to write – it exposed many raw emotions and highlighted all the concerns we have for those around us just now. So, please know that we are here and sending our best wishes to all of you. When this is over (and it will be), we can perhaps raise a glass together and celebrate being a toddler? Until then, please look after yourself and your loved ones.

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