No risks, No fun

Leaving a job is never easy — and, in many ways, it’s even more challenging when saying farewell to a role and team you love. But not taking any risks, also means no fun, and will also never lead to success.

I’m taking a leap by moving country and changing career path – this could be a huge success or potentially turn into a complete disaster. But I will never know without giving it a go.

  • ‘If you were the type of person who wouldn’t go for it, we would never have hired you in the first place.’

These where the words of my Line Manager when I explained why I would be leaving the team and it also perfectly sums up the wonderful culture and spirit within the team. It is all about the person at the centre and the shared view that only by nurturing and supporting each other to build on our strengths and address our weaknesses, we are able to reach the highest level of effectiveness.

Enabling a working culture of innovation, where everyone is encouraged to think outside the box to generate and develop ideas is not easy. But having succeeded in doing so, Lesley and Mark have set, what in my opinion are the perfect foundations for a healthy, flourishing and enabling working culture and for the team to not only be colleagues, but a family.

Working in a team that is full of mutual trust, respect, open dialogue and where we are encouraged to challenge the status quo helped me to naturally find, and develop, my strengths and weak spots. I discovered my personal niche within the team and grew it. Having been supported to be adventurous, try new things and embrace change wherever I could, now means that I breath it through every pore of my body. And for that I will be forever grateful!

Change is exhausting, scary and unnerving, but it can also lead to the highest rewards and so I’m walking into this new opportunity with open arms and only slightly shaking hands.

My time with @AAB Consulting has been full of moments of laughter, change, and adventure. I was challenged to step outside my comfort zone many times, but once it was clear that my team were standing behind me at all times, it made it easier each time.

‘No risk, No fun’ is not only the theme of what is to come, but also nicely sums up my time in my AAB Consulting family.

Thank you for everything you did for me and I wish the team all the best for the exciting times that are still to come!

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