New Look. Same Great People.

To reflect the recent growth across the AAB Group, AAB and other Group companies have rebranded. This means AAB Consulting has a new look too! Our updated visual identity captures the essence of what consulting is about for us – dialogue, engagement and listening as much as talking! We’re excited to share our new identity and some updates to our website with you. But don't worry – we’ve kept our 'no drama llama' mascot!

The team at AAB Consulting is proud to be part of a bold and ambitious AAB Group. We know what we are good at: helping our clients deliver change and helping them to grow their businesses. We also know what our colleagues are good at - we have great team members across the wider Group who help clients manage the critical stuff that makes businesses tick; particularly everything to do with finances. The vision that all AAB Group companies share is to help clients solve problems, achieve their goals, and reach their full potential.

Lesley Fordyce, our CEO, gave a big shout out to our Consulting team: “The brand may have changed but the people are the same. We are incredibly privileged to work with clients who seek out our insights and our experience. We also know that they are seeking out the skills of our team because what makes AAB Consulting truly special is our people. Our first and most important company value is ‘Not letting each other down’. Our team members are motivated, positive, empathetic, driven and straight-talking – and we love to have a good time. Our new brand identity is just the start of great things to come for this team and our partners.”

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