Designing the future student experience with future students

We had an idea - let's use our Service Design tools to explore the expectations of prospective and current students as they engage with future education opportunities.

Higher education institutions are in the business of transformation – transforming lives with the learning experience and the opportunities generated by that experience. However, many struggle with their own organisational transformations. Julie Arbuthnott addresses the problems this can cause and the solutions AAB Consulting can offer in her recent article.

In this disruptive, connected world, what expectations will be shaping the student experience of the future? In order to shed some light on this commonly asked question, Anderson Anderson & Brown Consulting hosted their first Innovation Group workshop, using service design techniques and working with 6th Year pupils and Undergraduates to paint a picture of what higher education institutions should look like in the future .

The session, ran by Principal Consultant Julie Arbuthnott and supported by the AAB Consulting team guided the group through a series of collaborative tasks, including persona development and journey mapping, to explore the expectations of prospective and current students as they engage with education opportunities.

The attendees brought new perspectives and ideas, fantastic energy and threw themselves into the activities throughout the session. A new network was created, and the group are keen to continue to be involved in similar events as a very influential user group. The workshop has provided invaluable insights and together with some additional survey data, we are seeing some really interesting themes that will hopefully inform higher education transformation. Watch this space for more info soon!

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Julie Arbuthnott

Principal Consultant and Service Design Specialist

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