Can you really trust your decisions?

Unearthing powerful insight can really challenge your intuition

How do you make your next move — can you really trust your decisions?

No, not really.

Your decisions are essentially your brains computing power weighing up the options in front of you and providing its recommendation on how to proceed. Trusting in this builds two limitations into decision making, the data and processing power that is available to your brain, and the unconscious bias that we all carry around with us. These limitations are more apparent than ever in a game of chess. Chess grandmaster Magnus Carlsen claimed that he could only ‘see’ as many as 12 to 14 moves ahead. Even this required a huge amount of thought and processing to achieve, no matter the skill and experience to become a grandmaster in the first place.

On the other hand, a chess computer can assess millions of moves per second to ensure it capitalises on any and every opportunity for an advantage. Who would win? It has been 23 years since the chess computer Deep Blue beat the reigning grandmaster Garry Kasparov, proving a pivotal moment in the development of AI and a serious challenge to the reign of the human brain.

Data analysis has established itself as a vital asset in decision making with the balance between intuition and data proving a challenging one to get right. It turns out there are pesky humans involved to keep happy! Would you rather have the data or the grandmaster?

We think the answer is both. AAB Consulting’s recent experience with clients has helped their grandmasters utilise the full power of data to unearth new insights and strengthened their decision making in a way that intuition alone never could.

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