A Consulting intern’s insights

After finishing my third year at Heriot-Watt University, I joined Anderson Anderson & Brown as a consulting intern over the summer looking to gain experience and insight into the world of consultancy.

The first two weeks

Following introduction meetings with everyone from the team, I felt the sense of togetherness from the very start. I really value how eager the team is to help me maximise my time at AAB and set me up for my future, even if it doesn’t happen to be in consulting. I instantly knew I had been welcomed into a working environment where I will feel comfortable and supported to learn.

My first takeaway after sitting in meetings and talking with the team is how important time management is. I consider myself an organized person, but it was eye opening to see all the projects everyone is working on and the different stages they were all at. I was quick to ask the question to a few members of the team, ‘How do you manage all these projects and the variety of work?’. Everyone has been able to give me little tips which have made my days more productive and organised which has been beneficial after starting several projects.

Personal development

After three years at University, I have been using the same models and theories a lot. I felt that my time at AAB is the perfect opportunity to become hands-on and develop my practical skills.

My personal development plan was a great way for me to really look at what I want from my 10 weeks with AAB. I outlined that I would like to develop my presentation and speaking skills, my commercial awareness as well as my analytical skills. I couldn’t have asked for more support from the team when I mentioned my objectives to personally develop. They have pushed me to take on tasks that will benefit me, leading me to take part in lots of exciting projects.

My desire to create and use my social media knowledge has led me to take on the tasks of creating a digital asset that will be used to talk about change within Universities. I have also taken on the task of redesigning the IMPACT 30 Newsletter as well as conducting a social media audit of the entrepreneurs who take part in the programme.

There has been a lot of learning in the first two weeks. It has been great to start taking on responsibilities with my work and I can’t wait to carry on learning from everyone at AAB.

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Ben Perry

Consulting Intern

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