9 Months with AAB Consulting

As I reflect on the past 9 months that I have spent with AAB Consulting, from the person I was when walking into the Edinburgh office for the first time, to who I am today, one thing is quite clear: it has been a fantastic journey both personally and professionally! I cannot think of a day where I have not been able to enhance my skills and take responsibility for key tasks. These are two prominent themes in my AAB journey so far. I remember, only a few weeks in, I was provided with the opportunity to take on my first project, where I assessed and implemented ways to make the client’s service delivery more efficient and effective, whilst embedding new agile ways of working into their teams operating rhythms.

Working with various different clients, my role is widely varied, with most of my tasks initially taking me miles outside my comfort zone. It is hard work, but also always very rewarding and the constant professional and personal development that comes with it helps me to hugely increase my knowledge and skills base. I find the variety of projects I have worked on, and the challenges I face navigating to meet the solutions clients are looking for to be the greatest enjoyment of the job.

Since we all moved to a virtual environment our team has adapted to move to full-time remote working. For the past few months I have been part of a joint team of AAB Consulting and one of Scotland’s leading Universities to provide guidance on tools and techniques that can be used to overcome the current COVID-19 challenges and support the delivery of change on both a small and large scale. Working with such an extremely talented and innovative team means that I am learning so much from each individual team member, and I have also found my own niche to compliment the team in the best possible way: by discovering, experimenting with and implementing new technologies, tools and techniques.

As well as our client work changing with the times, communication across the Consulting team has also changed. By introducing new types of meetings, check-ins, stand-ups and learning sessions, we have been able to provide each other with much needed structure, as well as a constructive and supportive environment. In the name of improving our capabilities, and more importantly ensure our spirits are up, we have been going above and beyond in finding and teaching each other new things, facts and skills.

It is fantastic to see how everyone, whilst in different ways, is adapting to the new normal and can share experiences, lessons learned, and failures experienced with each other to grow stronger together. It is extremely satisfying to see how well we have pulled together given such difficult circumstances and all upped our game to working more effectively, hand-in-hand with a great ‘can-do’ attitude. Being part of a team that can adapt and re-define itself under such difficult circumstances is extremely fulfilling and I am very proud of being part of it.

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